The dream of all loving and responsible parents is healthy, happy and athletic children!

The international network of Intergym gymnastics clubs in Vilnius and Kaunas will help you to make your dreams come true, as our main motto is “Active lifestyle from early childhood”.

gymnastics clubs in Vilnius and Kaunas

Among the founders of Intergym are Olympic medallists and gymnasts Jevgenijs Sapronenko and Igors Vikhrovs, who directly control the course of training, observe how children’s abilities progress. Kids gymnastics workout, developed by our Olympic medallists, is a perfect way to get started. International Gym gymnastics clubs in Vilnius and Kaunas are provided with the best gymnastic inventory, trampolines, acrobatic tracks and other equipment.

Classes are conducted by highly qualified specialists, who provide safety and an unlimited variety of basic training exercises for all sports: elements of artistic and rhythmic gymnastics, trampolining, acrobatics and special gymnastic strength training.

Gymnastics develop nearly all muscle groups, improve overall physical performance, coordination, posture, increase resilience, strength and flexibility! At the same time, developing basic gymnastics skills helps to perform better in any other sports.

Individual and group lessons for kids and adults

Today, InterGym gymnastics clubs in Vilnius and Kaunas offer individual and group classes in developmental, rhythmic, aerobic gymnastics, aerial acrobatics and freerunning, as well as organize summer camps for children.

We welcome children from 1.5 years old, who are divided into age groups. Classes can also be held for adults.

The opportunity to play sports in a gymnastics club is very relevant for today’s children, many of whom lack physical activity, which causes problems with posture. Experienced and loving professionals working at InterGym create a harmonious and cozy club environment, where kids and teenagers have dozens of ways to improve their health through interesting games and exciting sports!

Gymnastics clubs in Vilnius and Kaunas

Developmental gymnastics

Developing gymnastics is one of the main means of physical education, recommended by many professional athletes as the first sport for kids. During the training various muscle groups are targeted, such as arm, shoulder, neck and torso muscles. It also helps to develop useful skills such as determination and space awareness. At the same time, one of the key tasks for our team of professional trainers is to grow love for sports in children, because an active kid is a healthy kid!


Rhythmic gymnastics develops coordination of movements, flexibility, plasticity, artistry, musicality, dynamics. At the same time, our coaches in Vilnius and Kaunas always encourage child’s self-expression and creativity! In gymnastics, there are 6 basic exercises: with a ribbon, a rope, a ball, a hoop, a pole, and arbitrary exercises. Rhythmic gymnastics also embodies some elements of dance.

Aerobic gymnastics

This sport is very similar to general aerobics, but focused on athletic achievement. Aerobic gymnastics competitions have very clear and strict rules, as well as performance standards. Strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination are crucial abilities needed. During the performance, attention is paid to the rhythm of movements, expressiveness, originality and use of the site given. By working with professionals in the sport, children learn both discipline and self-expression in a creative and playful environment.


A fairly new sport that combines elements of acrobatics, gymnastics and other disciplines. This is a great way to develop quick orientation, strength, agility and flexibility.

Aerial acrobatics

The discipline that originated in circus is now available to everyone. Aerial acrobatics in InterGym clubs in Vilnius and Kaunas give you the opportunity to strengthen your body, improve flexibility, coordination of movements and learn many fun tricks!


This is quite a new but rapidly developing sport. The basics are taken from karate, taekwondo, gymnastic somersaults. Put together, they show off an impressive set of moves!

Tricking will force you to push your limits, discover what your body is capable of, achieve what seemed impossible and, of course, get stronger physically. This is a great opportunity to creatively explore the abilities of your body.

Children summer camps

Our gymnastics clubs regularly organize sport and healthcare summer camps for children from 6 to 12 years old, who want to have an active and fun summer vacation!

Summer camps in 2022 are held in Vilnius and Kaunas:

✅ July 4-8 ✅ July 11-15 ✅ July 18-22 ✅ July 25-29

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Schedule of classes in Vilnius

Schedule of classes in Kaunas

International Gymnastics Center in Vilnius

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International Gymnastics Center in Kaunas

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